Tools and Calculators.

Whether you’re just starting out or already on your property financing journey, our suite of calculators is here to simplify the process. These tools offer clear insights for everything from monthly repayments to stamp duty costs, demystifying the complex world of mortgages and helping you to make informed decisions at any stage

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Easily determine your monthly mortgage repayment with our Mortgage Repayment Calculator. Choose between repayment or interest-only options. Our tool also shows monthly payments over a shortened term or the overpayment required to achieve this. For illustrative purposes only.

Amortisation Calculator

Easily estimate monthly mortgage payments, showing the breakdown of principal and interest paid each month, and the remaining balance. This calculator assumes a constant rate throughout the loan term and doesn’t account for rate changes or overpayments. For illustration only; actual loans depend on property valuation and lender criteria.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Easily estimate stamp duty costs with our Stamp Duty Calculator. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, moving home, or purchasing an additional property like a second home or buy-to-let, get a ballpark figure tailored to your scenario. This is a general guide; always seek tax advice as individual circumstances can vary and this tool shouldn’t be solely relied upon.

Rental Yield Calculator

Effortlessly evaluate your potential investment with our Rental Yield Calculator. Determine both gross and net rental yields by accounting for your monthly rental income, property value, and associated costs. Ideal for buy-to-let investors or those assessing property profitability. Remember, this tool offers a basic estimation; for a comprehensive financial analysis, consult a property tax expert.