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Why Should You Get Us to Find You a Mortgage?

We are the professionals and we do this every day.

Getting yourself a residential mortgage can seem difficult and complicated, but with us it can be simple and straightforward. Whether you are a first-time buyer, re-mortgaging your home or moving home, Barrett Mortgages is here to make sure you get the best deal and the road ahead of you is smooth. We are a professional finance broker for a reason and we will search the market for a product that helps you the most based on the situation you are in.

Continue to read our page to find out exactly what we can do for you and make the process as easy as it can be.

Benefits Of A Residential Mortgage Broker

Tailored Service

Save Thousands on The Right Mortgage

Advice That Is in Your Best Interest

We Can Help With All Types Of Mortgages

No Pushy Sales Tactics

Problems and Solutions

You are struggling to find a good deal on a residential mortgage.

It can be frustrating and time consuming for you.

Barrett Mortgages will handle all of the complicated work

How Can We Help with Your Mortgage?

Our services bring many benefits to you.

First of all, there is the cost savings you can get back from having a good interest rate, this is a big one, if you can get an amazing deal on your interest rate then you could potentially save thousands of pounds throughout the life of the mortgage. Everyone likes good savings and that is always what we try and do for you. You have to be careful with introductory rates as they might look very attractive when you first start your mortgage but when the introductory period ends the interest rates could go up and you end up paying a lot more for the mortgage.

What Are Barrett Mortgages All About?

If you are fed up with high-pressured sales tactics from large corporates, we are here to give you real advice.

We were founded back in 2009, this was during some of the hardest market conditions the industry has seen. The un-paralleled, clear, trustworthy, honest and upfront service offered by Barrett Mortgages has meant our business as thrived during these times when clients have needed more individual and specialist help.

All of our staff are fully qualified, experienced and chosen based on their keenness to provide the best possible experience for our customers. We promise no pushy sales tactics and have built ourselves a strong reputation which is important as we rely heavily on referrals from clients.

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Dorset’s residential and commercial mortgage experts.

At Barrett Mortgages, our friendly advisors are always by your side when it comes to buying and mortgaging. We are an expert mortgage brokerage offering unparalleled service to our clients and partners. Whether you are looking for the best deal for your perfect property or are having difficulty obtaining a mortgage, we are happy to help!

Have any further questions? Please feel free to get in touch with our mortgage advisors by calling 01202 733809 or use our contact form. You are also welcome to pop into our office based nearby on Ashley Road in Poole, Dorset. Take a look at our Google Review Page here!

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