Remortgage to reduce your monthly payments

Find out if you can save money by securing a better deal on your mortgage!

Many people continue making their mortgage payments each month without checking whether they can reduce their payments. The benefit of remortgaging can not only reduce your monthly outgoings, it can also reduce the overall amount you have to pay back over your mortgage term.

Here are some reasons when to consider remortgaging:

  • Your fixed term has come to an end
  • The Bank of England base rate is low
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How the remortgage process works…

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Speak to a Mortgage Adviser

Your mortgage adviser will find the best deal, comparing monthly fees and early repayment charges.

Mortgage Offer

If accepted, your mortgage offer will be produced, a credit search is performed and documents checked.

Remortgage valuation

A remortgage valuation takes place on your property to confirm its worth. This is normally free of charge.

Solicitor checks

Searches and checks are completed by your solicitor before your mortgage deed is sent to you to sign.

Application Assessment

The application for your remortgage is assessed by the mortgage lender, assuming the valuation is all ok.

Funds received

Your solicitor will request funds from your new lender and pay your current lender. Your remortgage is complete!

Thank you so much for your friendly approach and dedication to finding me the best mortgage deal.

Mr & Mrs Parker – Parkstone, Poole

How Much Can You Save By Reducing Your Monthly Mortgage Payments?

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