Mortgage Advisors In Wareham

PUBLISHED: 18 August 2020
DISCLAIMER: The information in this blog post may be outdated and may not reflect current financial practices or market conditions

When you come with us we can help you with a few mortgages and one of these we can help you with is a buy to let mortgage, What we can do for you is look at the market-leading but to let products that offer some of the lowest rates in history. We can also find you some fee-free products where there are no costs to apply because the fees are paid by the lender. Our advisors will be able to recommend the best buy to let product for you and when you are with us we can make sure that you have the same advisor from start to finish. Banks are only interested in people that are serious about buy to let and won’t let just anyone have a buy to let mortgage, this is why the rates are normally higher on a buy to let mortgage compared to a conventional mortgage. Therefore this means that you would have to put down a high percentage of the property value. With the buy to let mortgages, they are normally interest only so you pay the interest added onto the property and not the loan capital, at the end of the agreement the capital can be repaid by selling the property and the profits can be retained by the seller.

We can also help you with your first-time mortgage, we can find exclusive first-time buyer mortgages that offer better products then the high street lenders, we also advise that when you are saving for your mortgage that you can get as big of a deposit as possible and this is because it will mean that you have to pay less of the property back and it will also mean the repayments will be smaller as well. You also want to save some money aside for moving costs and for purchasing things like furniture.