Are you self employed or a contractor?

Getting a mortgage doesn’t have to be difficult, its easier than you think!

A common misconception if you are self employed or a contractor is that getting a mortgage is difficult, however this is untrue. You have just as much chance to borrow as anyone else.

You will have to prove your income and meet your lenders requirements, along with some of the other requirements listed below.

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Two years accounts

Most lenders will require you to produce two years of accounts. Its always best to keep them up to date.


Its normally easier to get a mortgage if you have a good level of equity from your existing property or a solid deposit to place.

An accountant

Some lenders will state that your accounts must be prepared by a certified or chartered accountant.

Credit history

A credit check will be completed, so by having a good credit score will boost your chances of getting a mortgage.

Demonstate regular work

Your mortgage lender may want to see that you have a track record of regular and future work lined up.

SA302 Forms

A SA302 form from HMRC proves your total income and tax due. Your lender will want to see this alongside your accounts.

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