Our Equity Release Specialist will look at a number of lenders from across the market and compare products to ensure you have the best product to suit your individual circumstances. They will assist with all aspects of the process, from enquiry to completion, dealing with solicitors, surveyors and any other 3rd party, to ensure the transaction is smooth and hassle free.

  • Suitable for Homeowners aged 55 and over.
  • Release equity from your home for reasons such as paying off a current mortgage, home improvements, or gift to family etc.
  • Our Equity Release Specialist ensures you have the same advisor throughout the whole process.
  • The amount you can borrow is dependent on your age and your home’s value.
  • Monthly payments are not always required. Payments can be made to limit of the total interest rolled up, or the final payment and interest can be added to the loan and paid when you die or permanently move out of your home.

There are certain aspects of borrowing on an Equity Release Mortgage which require careful consideration, such as the added interest to your loan and hefty early repayment charges, should you wish to clear the debt early.

To get a full overview on how an Equity Release Mortgage might work for you, please contact our Equity Release Specialist, Sally Walls.  Sally will be happy to discuss in detail the suitability of Equity Release in full, with no obligation.

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