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We offer guidance on a diverse range of loans tailored to both personal and business needs. Whether you’re considering commercial mortgages—secured on properties like offices, business premises, or hotels—or exploring other finance options, our network of Packagers and Lenders is at your service. Note: For commercial lending and bridging finance, we provide referrals to trusted third parties.
A commercial Mortgage/Loan can be taken out to buy, extend, improve or re-mortgages businesses or buy-to-let premises.

A commercial Mortgage is a cost effective way to fund business activities ie) They can be used to develop an existing business through the purchase of increased office or factory space.

A commercial mortgage can be used to buy an existing business with property attached, and can be used to fund investment in land and property that will be used for commercial purposes.

Commercial Mortgage interest rates are usually lower than those charged for other types of unsecured business loans, and the repayments are usually made over a longer period, making the funding of the loan attractive to some businesses.

Repayments can also be fixed so you know exactly how much the cost will be each month.
Commercial Mortgages are also used to buy land for business development, such as the construction of retail parks and business units.

As an experienced commercial Mortgage broker we can help you achieve your goals, with up to 100% LTV achievable with additional security.

Please note that these are not reulated by the FCA

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