Buy To Let Mortgages in Poole, Dorset

When you are getting a buy to let mortgage you want to know the best product you can get. With our advisors, we will source from a range of lenders so you can get the best mortgage that suits your individual circumstances. We understand investors need to maximise on income and ensure the right product to help you grow your investment portfolio. Our advisors will understand your needs whether you are looking for that 1-time investment, or to build a portfolio of properties.

After 2008 many people left the market and a few limped on in the buy to let world many realised that being a landlord is quite demanding. There is still a place for serious buy to letters. If you are thinking about it as an investment strategy for the future, this will give you some useful information.

With a buy to let mortgage, you can not use a conventional mortgage or insurance for a rental property. A mortgage for rental property will typically have a much higher interest rate than a residential mortgage. The loan to value percentage is higher for buy to let mortgage than for a residential mortgage. This shows that banks are interested in lending to serious investors who can pay a higher percentage of the value of the property. One aspect of the buy to let mortgage that makes life slightly easier for the purchaser is the fact that they are often interest-only mortgages. This means that each month you only have to cover the interest costs and not the loan capital. At the end of the agreement, you simply sell the property to repay the value of the property and the seller can retain any profits made.

If you are interested in our advice you can get more of this from our financial advisors, get in contact with us to take your interest further.